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Shawn Boyd

“My wife got a job with Monsanto doing research at their corn facility,
so we moved to Gothenburg the first of this year.

I’m originally from Lexington, Nebraska – about 30 miles west of here. My parents and my granparents all grew up here in the Gothenburg area.

– – –
My wife and I would like to live in Tanzania Africa in the Moshi area, just at the foothils of mt Kilimanjaro. We’ve done mission work there and we’d like to go back at some point and do more mission work. She would go ahead and continue doing research to help find a better corn for that area to help combat the dry summers and the sometimes lack of rainfall.
– – –
There’s Frito-Lay corn distribution center here – all of the corn chips that they produce that get eaten west of the Mississippi river,
all the corn comes from within 100 miles of here.”