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Joel Richards

“I came down here over 20 years ago to train somebody for work and I been here ever since.
I got married, we had children… and the rest is history. [My wife’s] family is from around here so I stayed – [They all live] in the three or four houses right here. Now it’s home.
– – –
Im from a small town in Maine – the central part of the state… about an hour north of Bangor.
– – –
Frackville is great – very centrallized. You’re two or three hours at the most from anything you want – you got D.C., New York’s two hours, Baltimore, the shore’s a couple hours.

But, everything’s so close together here – being from Maine, I’m not so used to that.

I miss the lakes from Maine – I miss the water.

My kids have never got to appreciate that.”