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The 99 Americans Project is still a work in progress.
To date, I have interviewed and photographed 66 people around the United States and asked them two simple questions:

How did you get here?

Why do you stay?

No politics, no religion, no sports (which may be more volatile a subject than the previous two!). Just simple questions to get people to tell a story about something we all have in common: A place we call home and our attitude towards that place.

– – –

So far, I’ve taken two extensive road trips around the United States to meet these generous people. The first was between May 15th and June 14th, 2010; the second was a year later from May 28th to June 16th. I’ve driven over 13,000 miles and have so far visited every state in the contiguous except for Washington, Missouri and Texas (no offense).

I started this project because I wanted to get to know my country and its people better. And with two thirds of the portraits completed, I feel like I’ve barely scratched the surface.